Do You Know the Door Code?

Precision is a new generation of agency, pushing boundaries, breaking moulds, redefining and disrupting what we've come to know and accept as fashion, and management. We're exclusive, edgy, and effortless. We're forward, and future; always moving, so we're always ahead movement to create movements, changing to create change. Iconic, influential innovative, precision can't be taught but it can be found. We're unexpected. We're new, but we're assured. We intrigue, because we're #madedifferent. We're breaking mirrors and rules, (but never shoes) and our brand showcases that.

We're a club, a posse, and a formation of models and agents, unlike any other agency. We were a pavement whisper but the secret got out. When you see us behind camera, on a runaway, or on location, you'll know who we are. We walk as well as we talk, which is why we run the show. If you're not in, you want in, but you'll need to know the door code, do you? 

Often Imitated, never duplicated.

Precision MGMT: Made Different