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Melina McGough

Melina is a Melbourne based artist and graphic designer. Her custom-made, hand drawn artwork is recognisable for it’s statement black and white aesthetic. Her quirky, highly detailed pieces have been used to create bold statements by brands wanting to stand out from the crowd.

​It’s a collaborative process where she’s able to adapt to the needs of each client and creates timeless work. Whether it's bringing out someone's personality through portrait sketch or creating a timeless logo. “It’s really about connecting with people and brands on a deeper level and telling their story.” Communication and an intuitive understanding is key.

Drawing was an obsession from an early age and a form of escape from reality. It became a ‘professional’ business in May 2017 when people started asking for commissioned work and brands wanted to collaborate with her. “I realised I could make a living out of my passion, while creating a positive impact for others and that was the best feeling!”