Beau Taplin

Beau Taplin is an internationally recognised author and social media sensation. Following a formative education at Melbourne Rudolf Steiner, Beau found some success as a songwriter before turning his passions to poetry and prose. He has been warmly embraced for his heartfelt, relatable content which is now shared and read by millions worldwide along with the likes of some major celebrity admirers such as Khloe Kardashian, Britney Spears, Ruby Rose, Lauren Jauregui, just to name a few. Beau's growing success has enabled him to have worked with some of the most iconic local and global companies; Tiffany & Co, Notel, Carlton Football Club. In his short but booming career, He has gone onto publish six books; most recently Worlds of you & Bloom, which are now stocked in Barnes & Nobles, Urban Outfitters, Dymocks, and all good bookstores worldwide.

Beau’s philosophy on life is simple, “Make it meaningful. Soon enough, we will all go back the earth, the seas will dry up, the sun will burn out, and nobody will be around to remember we were here at all, so go, spend your time here with heart, find what matters to you and manifest it while you can. While this universe we inhabit may be infinite and unfeeling, we are not, and that is our gift" - Beau Taplin